Over the course of about a year, we documented the life and living legacy of Chip Wilson, the incredibly successful founder of the brands Westbeach,  lululemon and Kit and Ace. Chip worked with Sharad Kharé and his team at Kharé Communications to draw out the story of his life through a series of long-form interviews and conversations. 

The KharéCom team was given exclusive access to capture the true story behind this fascinating entrepreneur that changed the way people dressed in popular culture as we know it. Our team got to travel with Chip to important places in his life, and talk about his living legacy and how important his family is to him. Through this in-depth process, we got to document stories from both a professional and personal side.

We went through an entire life's collection of historical photographs, starting from Chip's childhood up until the present day. An archive of his experiences in sports, businesses, travels and family life helped to fill in the blanks of the story and give context to this man’s incredible body of work.  


We thank Chip for his trust and openness he showed us over the course of this project, and are thankful for the memories we created.

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