CEO / EXECUTIVe / director interviews

Individual is interviewed and given questions designed to bring out the most important and poignant information possible. These interviews are casual in nature and are tailored specifically for the individual. 

Spotlight profiles

Organization is given the spotlight through employee interviews, office/building supplementary footage and tailored branding. These videos give viewers a clear understanding of who you are, who is involved and what the goals are. 


Customers who have used/worked with a product or company are interviewed, allowing first-hand experiences and feedback to be given. These pieces provide insight into how people feel and promote your organization/product in a relatable way. 

Special event videos

Coverage of live events of all forms, including corporate ceremonies, product releases, etc. These pieces may include interviews of attendees and speakers, and act to capture the feeling of actually being there in person. 



Logo design and animation, branding and promotional materials including brochures, apparel, business cards, etc. 

editorial videos for huffington post

We are able to supplement any video piece we create with an article in The Huffington Post, an online journal read by millions. These articles contain a write-up on the individual/organization being profiled as well as the video itself. 

books in video form

Books that offer instructional or informational material are transformed into chapter videos, narrated by the author and supplemented with related footage and/or animation.

Live event dialogue

Moderation for live dialogue events including on-stage discussion panels, fire-side chats, live debates, etc. 

educational videos

Educational videos/series that provides information on a specific topic of discussion. They may include interviews, animation, archival footage or supplementary footage to ensure information is presented in a concise and accurate way. 

legacy documentary

feature documentary

Short film/music video

We produce short and feature-length documentaries chronicling an organization or individual's legacy. Compiling interviews, archival footage and photographs, we create a cinematic look at the story of a remarkable legacy.

Running anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, these documentaries are in-depth films that focus on interesting subject matter of your choice. We research our topic, conduct interviews with key people and blend archival with original footage to create a cinematic experience.

We create cinematic video work for film and music videos. We help you conceptualize a strong idea which our video and editing team then transform into exciting, original content.

Legacy Novel

Kharé Communications is proud to offer a written component to our legacy documentary services. Not only will we produce a legacy video, but our Writer-in-Residence will develop a novel that will build on the story and expand into a more detailed document: your legacy novel.