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A collective of storytellers

The Indigenous Collective is an ongoing video series that collaborates with Indigenous artists, musicians, performers, and storytellers in order to celebrate their creativity and vibrancy of life! Our production team has been travelling across the country, visiting cities and their homeland to conduct interviews, learn about diverse cultures, and capture stories and performances on camera.

This is a journey that will be ongoing throughout the year and beyond, and you can watch all of our videos below. We will be updating this page with new content regularly, so be sure to check back in soon!

pure fé - singer-songwriter






David White - traditional men's fancy dancer


erik mandawe - Western University

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Jesse Thistle - Award-winning Scholar

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Cheyenne White - Dancer & Martial Artist

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Sheila Maracle - Indigenous Advisor

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Andrew Judge and Sharad Kharé pose for a photo in London, Ontario

Andrew Judge and Sharad Kharé pose for a photo in London, Ontario

This project was produced by Andrew Judge and Sharad Kharé, who partnered together under the shared idea that there were important stories of creativity and passion to be shared within the Indigenous communities we have here in Canada.