In December 2016, Kharé Communications visited the TED HQ in New York to speak with the creative individuals enrolled in the TED Residency program. You can watch all of the interviews here and gain insight into each person's unique work that is the basis for their future TED talk presentations.

Katrina Conanan - Program Manager: TED Residency

Francesca Kennedy - Founder: IX Style

Kunal Sood - Founder: X Fellows | NOVUS

Danielle Gustafson - Board of Directors: Bat Conservation Intl.

Elizabeth Waters - Neuroscientist & Educator

Kevin Adler - Founder & CEO: Miracle Messages

Sharon De La Cruz - CEO & Creative Coder: Digital Citizens Lab

Jeff Kirschner - Founder & CEO: Litterati

Liz Jackson - Founder: Inclusive Fashion & Design Collective

Abram Coetsee - Design Consultant

Zubaida Bai - Founder & CEO: AYZH

Jordan Brown - Healthcare Technology Entrepreneur

Susan Bird - Founder: Wf360

Rachel Sussman - Contemporary Artist


Susan Robinson - Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur


You can learn more about the TED Residency program on their website here.