We’ve had the pleasure of working with many organizations that have a passion for giving back and positively impacting their communities. Below is a collection of work we’ve produced in partnership with organizations that truly embody those values.


Live Event Coverage

Our team has covered a wide variety of events, including silent auctions, fundraisers, forums and much more.

From these events we create highlight reels that may include interviews with keynote speakers and attendees. These reels capture the mood and messaging behind the respective events, acting as both a promotional piece as well as a time capsule.

Neekoo Philanthropic Society

“Our Mission: A group of proud Iranians joining forces to create unique exclusive events in order to raise funds to give back to our community, mainly by helping students through grants, so they can achieve their dreams and pursue their passions."

David Lynch Foundation

This video interview with Bob Roth, the CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, was produced in New York City to promote the message of this incredible foundation. Through the power of Transcendental Meditation, they are changing the way the world looks at addressing issues like stress, PTSD, childhood education, and more.


 Battered women’s support services

We produced and directed this short cinematic commercial for the BWSS in Vancouver, BC. The ad was created to help raise awareness of the rising cases of domestic violence against women.

Diversity Circles (BCIT)

The BCIT Faculty and Staff Association (FSA) reached out to Kharé Communications to document their groundbreaking Diversity Circles program. The program utilizes an Indigenous framework to aid in the engagement of staff and students with regards to an increasingly diverse community at BCIT. 

L’Arche Foundation

As the L’arche Foundation in Vancouver prepares to renovate their facilities, we felt it fitting to capture stories of past and present, in order to learn more about the exceptional work being done in our own backyard.

We felt compelled to help raise more awareness about these inspiring individuals so that others might be inspired as well. The result was this video project, “Our Community.”