Kharé Communications was in exclusive partnership with the Novus Summit to curate video content and media for the entire summit at the United Nations.

The event brought together experts and leaders from around the world to discuss how humanity in the 21st century can work towards achieving the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals. 


You can watch all of our video interviews from the 2016 Novus Summit below!

Marcus Shingles - CEO: XPrize Foundation

Maye Musk - Model & Dietitian 

Vikram Gandhi - Filmmaker & Jounalist

Marshall Jones - Custom Spoken Word Poetry Expert

Mona Hamdy - Co-Founder: Al Baydha Development Corp.

Leslee Udwin - Founder & CEO: Think Equal

Isabel Izquierdo - Primatologist

Jack Thomas Andraka - Intel Prize Stanford Student

Anousheh Ansari - First Female Private Space Explorer

Greg S. Reid - Award-Winning Speaker

Jennifer Lopez - Technology Development Lead: CASIS

Peter Diamandis - XPrize Foundation  |  Singularity University 

Sir Robert Swan - Explorer  |  Founder: 2041

Thomas Gass - Assistant-Secretary General: UN DESA

James Pawelski - Positive Pscyhology Center

Daniel T. Barry - Retired NASA Astronaut

Scott Hassan - CEO & Co-Founder: Suitable Technologies

Howard Tullman - CEO: 1871

Roya Mahboob - CEO: Digital Citizen Fund

Naveen Jain - Founder & CEO: BlueDot

Poesy Liang - Artist & Founder: Helping Angels

The United Nations' 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development