New Direct Vancouver-Delhi Flights Take Off

Sharad Kharé recently moderated a discussion panel on the "Impact on BC of Direct Flights between Vancouver and Delhi on Trade-Travel-Tourism." Among the panelists were Craig Richmond (CEO: Vancouver International Airport), Kevin Howlett (Senior Vice President: Air Canada), Ty Speer (CEO: Tourism Vancouver), former Federal Minister Stockwell Day (Co-Chairperson: BCIBN) and Indian Consul General Rajiv Chander. 

The panel gathered to discuss how the new 14-hour direct flight between Vancouver and Delhi would have positive impact on trade and tourism between the two nations, offering a more accessible connection than ever before. This new program is an exciting evolution in the ever-growing relationship between East and West, and is an important symbol of unity between India and Canada.

The panel was organized by The BC India Business Network, and you can find out more about the work they do by visiting them at their website. 

"BCIBN is a Vancouver based business network  organization with the singular aim of helping BC businesses succeed overseas in India. BC is Canada’s gateway to the Pacific Rim, and with a large population of residents with strong ties to India, the region is ideally positioned to benefit from Canada’s economic pivot toward Asia. With its young population base, India today is the fastest growing economy in the world. The BCIBN is dedicated to ensuring BC benefits from this growth."   -

Sharad Khare