In Dialogue With Helen Mirren for Think Equal

We have been fortunate enough to sit down with some incredible public icons in order to talk about the Think Equal initiative, a movement that is educating the world in order to bring peace and substance to communities globally.
This initiative comes from Leslee Udwin, whose documentary India’s Daughter shed light on what was going on in the world and how education was a key to driving love and humanity globally. 

In this second exclusive interview, we sat down with Helen Mirren, who spoke about her feelings about how education for children is so important for the world. She continued to share a very personal story about her tattoo on her hand meaning equality. Her support for the Think Equal initiative has not only contributed to a very worthy cause, but also added a new light to my own heart when it comes to communicating the stories of icons in our history that are making a difference; Helen Mirren is surely one of those wonderful people.

Check out the full article here on the Huffington Post and go to to learn more about the initiative!

Sharad Khare