Meditate With Me: Alan Phillips

In the second episode of our Meditate With Me video series, we speak with VanArts Founder and President Alan Phillips. A long-time practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, Alan has found that much of the success he has achieved in both his life and career can be linked back to his decision to begin meditation. 

About VanArts Vancouver Institute of Media Arts:
"VanArts was founded in 1995 with Academy-Award winning animator/director Lee Mishkin as its founding program director. Recognizing the industry’s need for a skilled and specialized workforce, VanArts offers a variety of highly focused diploma programs designed to prepare students for work in specific areas of the media arts including Visual Effects Production, Game Asset Design, Character Animation, Digital Photography, Acting for Film & Television, Web Development and Broadcasting.
By developing a well-rounded curriculum of visual, media and performing arts, VanArts has created an educational environment that encourages collaboration between its programs of study. With a faculty and advisory board that draws directly from the relevant industries, VanArts provides its students with the foundation and mentorship necessary to launch a career."
-The VanArts Story
Sharad Khare