The Public Art Collective documentary screens at ECUAD!

This week, our documentary The Public Art Collective screened in front of an audience that gathered in Emily Carr University's theatre on Granville Island. Among those in attendance were representatives from Ampri Group, the City of Richmond, Stantec and ECUAD - all of whom helped produce and realize not only this film but the innovative new course that will aim to educate and inspire emerging artists working in the public realm for years to come. 


The documentary follows a group of students as they journey through the course. The course was designed to help bridge the gap between newly-emerging artists and the complexities of creating work in the public art realm. The students dealt with all the facets of this process, from researching the history of a prospective artwork's location to pitching an original idea in front of a live panel.

The documentary follows students from Emily Carr University as they progress through a new course designed around learning about the public art process.

Amit Sandhu (Ampri Group) and Dr. Cameron Cartiere (ECUAD) help narrate the majority of the documentary, as they were the brains behind of the operation from the very beginning. It was highly rewarding getting the opportunity to sit down with these innovators - as well as all of our interview guests - to capture their stories and passion about the public art world.

After the screening was completed, there was a discussion panel where each member on the stage answered questions about the process and what they hope the future holds for these kinds of partnerships between business and education. We would like to thank everyone again for coming, and for the kind words that we received about the documentary. Thank you all!

Stay tuned for more info on where you can see the documentary online.


Sharad Khare