Our team has been working with leaders and innovators in the cannabis industry to create powerful video content. Working with CAMCD, the aim is to provide awareness to the medicinal benefits of cannabis products and fight the cultural stigma that exists in this space. Speaking to CAMCD CEO Jeremy Jacob, this video interview sheds light on this important cause.

Below are three testimonials videos we produced as part of our Human Stories series. This series speaks to everyday people who have been impacted in a positive way through access to cannabis products and offers them a way to have their voices heard.

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We also produced short social media videos to help promote the cause further.

We continue to produce video content related to the cannabis industry as we feel it is an important cause to represent within Canada and beyond.


Working with the passionate team at DOJA, we created this spotlight video that focused on their cutting-edge facilities as well as their unique approach to the cannabis industry. We visited both their grow labs as well as their DOJA cafe - a stylish coffee shop in Kelowna, BC.


You can read more about DOJA in this article on streetsignals.com