Welcome to your viewing page, Vanbex! Here you will find all of the videos that we have created from the commentary we recorded on our production day. The password for the videos will be provided to your team. Please go through each video, and feel free to send us any feedback you have for us with the corresponding timecode from the respective video. We look forward to hearing back from you and getting these videos finalized. (If you feel that any of the current content is complete, we will begin preparing them for final delivery so that you can upload to your website and social media channels as desired).

Note: If Vanbex has any additional digital assets (such as graphics, animations, product demos, etc.) that you would like to include in the final video versions, please let our team know so we can implement into the edits. 

Vanbex DNA Video


This DNA video acts as the starting point for prospective clients to learn exactly what Vanbex is all about. Guided by Lisa and Kevin, this video encompasses the history of the company, their mission statement, ideology surrounding blockchain technology, and the services that they provide.  


(Version 1)

(Version 2)

Vanbex HR Video


This human resources video compiles insight and commentary from the passionate team working at Vanbex today. This video can be used to attract new hires, providing a good sense of what they can expect should they come on board.


Vanbex: What We Do Video


In this video, Kevin and Lisa speak about the services Vanbex provides to their clients and how they know when a client is ready to do business. They also speak about the charitable program, Vanbex Cares, and why it's important to them to give back.


Vanbex: Etherparty Video


This video narrows in on Etherparty, highlighting the smart contract work that Vanbex does and how they've made it easy for their clients to use this software with the click of a button.


Photography Samples