In Dialogue With Marla Maples

Kharé Communications had the pleasure of sitting down with Marla Maples at Harvard University. We got to hear a dialogue she gave on stage as part of the High Tech to High Touch 2018 Global Forum, and then had a one-on-one interview to learn more about Marla and her diverse body of work. She was incredibly open about her spiritual beliefs and way of living, and we're proud to present our video interview with her below.


Marla was a ray of light at this event, and we are thrilled to be able to help play a role in sharing her story with our audience.


More About Marla Maples

"Marla is happily a New Yorker again where she continues to act, write, and host, while sharing her love of helping others create a healthy and joyful life.

The philanthropist, who herself suffered from Lyme disease as a teen, was honored for her work with the Global Lyme Alliance, and remains committed to supporting a multitude of non-profit organizations including, Spirituality for Kids, The Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine, The City of Hope, and Kids Creating Peace.  Whether speaking about unity at the UN or performing her single “One World of Love” on stage at Carnegie Hall, the actress, musical artist, and philanthropist is steadfast in her mission to expand the greater good and add light to the world."



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Sharad Khare