In Dialogue With Avan Jogia

We sit down with Canadian actor and director Avan Jogia to chat about his career in the film industry up until now, and where he thinks the future of storytelling is heading. With an accomplished acting resume - having starred in films like Tut (where he worked alongside Sir Ben Kingsley) and more recently, Paper Year opposite Eve Hewson - Avan offered us his perspective into the world of filmmaking, and how he doesn't find himself in competition with others in the industry. Instead, he focuses on the positive side of life, choosing to celebrate his accomplishments and that of others equally. 

Watch our exclusive video interview with Avan below:

We'd like to thank Avan for opening up to us about his early artistic inspirations, and for being so forthcoming in our interview; It was a real pleasure speaking with you!

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Sharad Khare