We were invited to the University of Pennsylvania to document classes held as part of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program. We got to learn about this transformative approach to education by speaking with the program's faculty and alumni. 

Below you can watch the interviews we captured and learn more about the MAPP program.


James Pawelski - Director of Education: Positive Psychology Center


Jennifer Cory - Psychotherapist: Red Bank Psychotherapy Assoc.

Johannes Eichstaedt - Founder: World Wellbeing Project

Daniel Lerner - Clinical Instructor: NYU

Gloria Park - Instructor: MAPP

Chris Major - Director: Friend Fitness Program

Dan Tomasulo - Assistant Instructor: MAPP

Anne Brafford - Co-Founder: Aspire Legal

Amy Holloway - Former Director of Victim Services: Vermont Doc

Leona Brandwene - Associate Director: MAPP

Cory Muscara - Founder: Long Island Center of Mindfullness

Kunal Sood - Co-Founder: NOVUS

Carin Rockind - Founder: Purposegirl

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya - CEO & Founder: The Flourishing Center

Emilia Lahti - Founder: The Sisu Lab

David Yaden - PhD Candidate

Dan Bowling - Assistant Instructor: MAPP

You can learn more about the MAPP program on their website here.