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Dear Indochino team, we are happy to present your first 3 major videos! As you review these videos, please take note of any talking points or sections that you would like changed or removed and provide the timecode at which these revisions occur. We ask that you compile all of your feedback into an email that you can forward to and we will get you the updated versions right away. We welcome your collaboration in this process and are excited for the finished products!

DNA Video


This video serves as the big picture of who Indochino is. Through the voices of stylists and staff, the Indochino team reveals to the viewers their brand ethos, service offerings, and personal thoughts on what suiting means to them. We plan on adding commentary from Drew Green to bookend this video, which will provide even more insight into Indochino and creating a robust final piece. 


HR Video


This HR-focused video highlights the culture, creativity and disruption that Indochino is known for in the suiting industry. This video can be used to attract new hires, providing valuable insights of what it's like to work for a company that is focused on people and culture.


Style Guide Video


This Style Guide Experience video walks potential clients through the made to measure suiting process offered at Indochino. For anyone interested in exactly what goes into the consultation, design, measurement and tailoring to get to the final product, this video is for their benefit.  




Indochino Headshots


Behind The Scenes (production stills)